My name is Johan Wigert and I created the blog to act as a personal journal of my voyage as a developer. None of us will ever be done learning. Historically, I’ve been learning in private. I have consumed a lot of content, but not created any. I started the blog to change this. If you find something on the blog which is useful to you, that is great! If you don’t, that is also fine. If you’re interested in the topic of learning in public, I recommend you read this excellent blog post. The main goal of the blog is to document what I have learned and problems I have solved, as a reference for a future me.

I’m passionate about software development, on the job as well as in my spare time. Some examples of extra-curricular activities are volunteering to teach kids to code in Scratch, running this blog about my journey as a software developer, and contributing to open-source software projects.

If you’re enjoying the blog and you’d like to leave me some general feedback, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, or comments, I’d like to hear those too! Feel free to connect with me on:

Let us keep on learning and sharing knowledge. I think that one of the earliest computer pioneers and programmers hit the nail on the head with the following quote:

I will never stop learning, because I have an insatiable curiosity. People who don’t keep on learning, die. Grace Murray Hopper