Are you organizing a meetup or a conference related to SAP, ABAP, clean code, DDD, TDD, or any other topic that I cover on the blog? Are you running a software-related podcast?

I’d be happy to talk about the topics covered on the blog at a conference, a meetup, or on a podcast. Please contact me so that we can discuss some ideas! I’m located in Sweden.

Planned speaking engagements

Currently nothing planned

Previous speaking engagements

2019-11-05: SAPSA IMPULS 2019

I held a talk titled Improving your ABAP code quality with open-source tools. The talk was about how we have improved our code quality through the use of open-source tools at the organization where I work. The tools I explained and demonstrated are:

2019-11-04: SAPSA IMPULS 2019

I held a presentation titled How to stay up-to-date within the SAP space with openSAP. openSAP is an excellent MOOC platform to stay current with the SAP space and acquire new skills. I explained the structure and advantages of using MOOCs in general and openSAP in particular, to expand my knowledge within SAP. I also shared my personal experiences attending about 30 openSAP courses.